About Us

Am Happ Box was created in 2020 in the height of the pandemic.  My husband and I had just brought home our goldendoodle, Stitch, who was the happiest dog we knew and made us incredibly happy in return.  He was always "happ," we would say. He soon became our inspiration (and logo!) to spread "happ" to others!

Am Happ Box - Personalized Laser Engraved

Small businesses were struggling at that time and we wanted to find a way give back.  Am Happ Box started as a subscription box company that stocked only items made and sold by small businesses across the country. Unfortunately, though our hearts were in the right place, our subscriptions did not take off.  So we turned instead to spreading "happ" another way.

Now, we have converted our business to a personalized gift and craft company who helps to bring our customers' dreams to life.  We customize our existing product line and take completely custom orders as well.  Whatever it is you receive from us, we hope it makes you "happ!"